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Remote Learning Video Library - Week beginning 4/6/20

Mr. Lu & Tony: Puppet Making

Puppetry in


Interactive Story Time

with Ms. Nadine

The Watermelon Seed Read Aloud

Growing Beans in a Bag

Over the Meadow Read Aloud

Rah, Rah, Radishes

Happy Tuesday: X-Ray Vision

Nature Walk with Ms. Yvie


B-01 Runaway Glitter

Flowers with Play-Doh

Painting a Flower Tree

Lola Plants a Garden

Celery Stalk - Water Experiment

What is a plant?

B-03 Ms. Grant - Color Sorting

B-93 Growing Beans Bag

Why should we use soap?

Baby Shark

Up in the Garden & Down in the Dirt

Snapshots with Seashells

Planting Pea Seeds

Planting Corn Seeds

Simon Says with Riley

If you Plant a Seed Read Aloud

Planting Lima Beans

Planting Peas in a Pod

Plant Life Cycle

Plants Art - Family Flower

Paper Towel Flower

Planting a Number Line

Flower Patterns

Flower Shape Sorting

Mindfulness Minutes

...more to come...

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