Remote Learning

Ms. Rosalie Favuzza, Director of Early Childhood

Ms. Kimberly Palmese, Assistant Principal

Ms. Margaret Sears, Secretary


Remote Learning Resources will

continue to be  added to this page.


To e-mail your child's teacher, please see

the list of e-mail addresses below. 

While schools are closed, this is the

best way to communicate with

your child's teacher.

Staff e-mail

Coney Island Avenue

Ms. Lang, Site Coordinator:

A01- Mrs. Balkissoon:

A02- Mrs. Ross:

A03- Mrs. Stoff:

A04- Mrs. Batz:

A05- Mrs. Naimo:

A06- Ms. Van Cooten:

A07- Mrs. Ha:

A08- Ms. Sharkey:

Glenwood Road

Ms. Lisa, Site Coordinator:

C-01 Ms. Jean Marie Ricevuto:

C-02 Ms. Jessica Policaro:

C-03 Ms. Debra Scalza:

Ms. Shellyann Vincent:

C-91 Ms. Victoria Schutz:

C-92 Ms. Gina Abraham:

Ms. Jodi Rupelli:

E. 29th Street

Ms. Patty Lee, Site Coordinator:

Mrs. Jennifer DiFranco

Mrs. Christine Cunningham Ms. Wendy Richards

Ms. Emily Antoniello

Mrs. Danielle Caiazzo

Ms. Taryn Natkin

Ms. Jenna Baker

Ms. Christina Amato

Ms. Julia Paulsen

Ms. Krystina Ruocco

Ms. Marina Demchuk

Mr. Kevin Burke

Related Service Providers

                    Speech Teachers

Ms. Jenna Cassidy:

Ms. Sonia Lozano:

Ms. KathyAnn Murray:

Ms. Jillian Oliver:

Ms. Jenna Cabarcas: 

Ms. Jessica Kilfoil:

                Physical Therapists (PT)

Ms. Goldie Weingarten:

Ms. Bayla Bobker:

Ms. Aviva Paneth:

              Occupational Therapists (OT)

Ms. Rasheda Akhtar:

Ms. Teressa Cali:

Ms. Faye Krausz:

Ms. Flor Anidjar:

Remote Learning by Unit

Activities, videos, and lessons will be added daily. Please check back daily.

More coming soon!



Ocean Animals

Babies (Modified)

Dinosaurs (Modified)

Ocean Animals


Speech Activities

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Additional Resources

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Class Platforms

Teacher/Para teams are working though various platforms. Some are Class Dojo, Remind, Personal Websites. Here, we will post each teams platform.  Please continue to check back often as we continue to make updates.

Coney Island Avenue

E. 29th Street

B01- Mrs. Jennifer DiFranco & Mrs. Christine Cunningham: Dojo:  ChrisJennDiCunningham

B02- Ms. Emily Antoniello & Ms. Wendy Richards:

B-03- Mrs. Danielle Caiazzo:

B04- Ms. Taryn Natkin: TNatkin B04

B-91- Ms. Jenna Baker:

B-92- Ms. Christina Amato:

B93-Ms. Krystina Ruocco:

B94- Ms. Julia Paulsen:  

B-95- Ms. Marina Demchuk:

B96- Mr. Kevin Burke:

Glenwood Road