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Remote Learning Video Library - Week beginning 3/30/2

Mr. Lu & Tony came to say Hello!

Story Time with

Ms. Nadine

Water Color


Rain Cloud Craft

Ms. Yvie Read Aloud

Skittles & Water Pattern

Will an egg sink in a cup?

Painting with Ice

Rain - Read Aloud

Float Part 1 - Read Aloud

Rain - Read Aloud

Ram Sam Sam

Oil & Water Droplets 

Jumping in Puddles

Fishing for Colors

Lilly Pad Counting Activity

Neighborhood Walk

Make a Rain Cloud

Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sidewalk Chalk Activity

Tracing with Water

Building Blocks - Hide the Step

Music & Movement  

1 Little Finger

Float Part 2 - Real Aloud

Rainbow Fish - Read Aloud

Ocean Life - Read Aloud

Little Cloud - Read Aloud

DIY - Bubble Water

Dancing Rain in Water

*New* Counting with Goldfish

Dancing Raisins

Baking Cupcakes

Counting Seashells

...more to come...

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