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Remote Learning Video Library - Week beginning 3/23/2

Rain Clouds

Sink or Float

B-01 Saying Hello

The Walking Rainbow-Part 1

Find the Fish Math Game

Plastic Egg Submarine

Monday's Morning Meeting

Aluminum Foil Penny Submarines

B-02 Mealworms Into #1

Glitter Germ Activity

How Many Drops fill the Dot?

B-02 Mealworms Sorting #2

B-02 Mealworms Counting #3

Pom Poms in Water Counting 

How to do a jumping jack!

What happens when we put food coloring in water?

Hello from B-04

Welcome to art!

B-02 Mealworms & Pupa #4

Music & Movement Stretching

Music & Movement - My Energy

Water Drops Video

B-04 Sink & Float

Banana Jam Parfait

Rain Name Cloud

Read Aloud: Water Can Be

...more to come...

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