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The Joan Snow Pre-K Center

3610 Glenwood Road, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone: 718-434-7090         Fax: 718-434-7095


Ms. Rosalie Favuzza, Principal
Ms. Kimberly Palmese, Assistant Principal
Ms. Antoinette Brown

Ms. Margaret Sears, Secretary
Ms. Jennifer Cohen

Ms. Lisa Cusumano, Site Coordinator
Ms. Nicole Dellacave, School Aide

Ms. Rosalie Favuzza,
Ms. Kimberly Palmese,
Ms. Antoinette Brown,

Ms. Lisa Cusumano, Site Coordinator:
Ms. Nicole Dellacave: School Aide:


C01 Lily Lam 
C02 Nancy Richard 

C03 Jean Marie Ricevuto 

C04 Jessica Policaro 

C91 Laura Devincenzi 

C92 Sarah Randazzo 

STEAM Partner Teacher Debra Scalza 

Art Partner Teacher Stephanie Graffeo 

Special Ed Coordinator  Yolanda Beaton

The Glenwood Staff at

The Character Day Parade

Crayon Book.jpg

Kindness is Blooming at 

The Joan Snow Pre-K Center

Kindness Tree.jpg

In accordance with “Respect For All Week”, we asked parents, students, and staff to write a quote about friendship, kindness, respect, or love that resonates with them.  Our Kindness Tree still continues to bloom!

Inspired & Nurtured  by Ms. Silvana & Ms. Kendra

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