The Joan Snow Pre-K Center

1340 E. 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Phone: 718-758-8970        Fax: 718-758-8975

Ms. Rosalie Favuzza, Director of Early Childhood

Ms. Kimberly Palmese, Assistant Principal

Ms. Margaret Sears, Secretary

Ms. Patty Lee, Site Coordinator

Ms. Teresa Rehill, School Aide

Ms. Nicole Dellecave, School Aide

Ms. Rosalie Favuzza,

Ms. Kimberly Palmese,

Ms. Patty Lee, Site Coordinator:

Ms. Teresa Rehill, School Aide:

Ms. Nicole Dellecave, School Aide:

Mrs. Jennifer DiFranco

Mrs. Christine Cunningham

Ms. Wendy Richards

Ms. Emily Antoniello

Mrs. Danielle Caiazzo

Ms. Taryn Natkin

Ms. Jenna Baker

Ms. Christina Amato

Ms. Julia Paulsen

Ms. Krystina Ruocco

Ms. Marina Demchuk

Mr. Kevin Burke

The Joan Snow Pre-K

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